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World Star Holding was established in 2008. Since then, it has played a crucial role in structuring the UAE parameters. We are a leader in providing businesses and organization services to help establish a structure. Having completed 1500+ projects with over 15 years of experience, we have accomplished the goal of becoming a one-stop destination for both blue and white-collar manpower supply in the UAE. No. 1 in the region, World Star Holding has collectively 15 companies under its umbrella: every day connecting with world pioneers and bringing business goals to life. We are committed to the UAE’s goal of structuring a sustainable future for our world. Our company has played a significant role in the UAE’s infrastructural development and is an industry leader in providing enterprises with manpower solutions, facilities management, to name a few.

About World Star

World Star Holding is a comprehensive solution for every business need. We address the complexities involved in making a business turning into a Success story. With over three decades of industry experience, World Star Holding has been working on its age-old principle: You Deserve the Best Solution. We not only make it a point to deliver the best solutions to your everyday business problem but also the most creative ones. Our team comprises industry experts who have been connected to the roots of World Star and have made it their mission to drive businesses and enterprises to their goals. At World Star, we understand the complex situations that arise when running an enterprise and the challenges an organization can face.

Chairman's Message

Honest Services for Sustained Results

Novel and inventive thoughts have been our strengths since the beginning. We, at World Star Holding, find an opportunity even in adversity. The optimistic concepts, supported by a team of zealous professionals, have been the key to our continuing growth. We became a multifaceted entity serving businesses to the optimum with this attitude. We have a strong presence in varying sectors from manpower solutions to infrastructure development, from facility management to real estate. World Star Holding is at your service on all your business needs.

Nishad Hussain

Managing Director's Message

Committed to Excel

We believe in transforming businesses through top-notch services. World Star Holding remains committed to complying with the best solutions. Our objective is to integrate advanced methodologies and client-centric evolutions to help the enterprises achieve the target. Nothing is impossible when you have the right attitude. This has been the motto that drives us forward. We provide unique and out-of-the-box solutions, devised after exhaustive brainstorming and detailed analysis. We would be proud to be your partner. And promise you exceptional support in making you the top business entity in the country. HASEENA NISHAD

Haseena Nishad

Managing Director
Vision & Mission

We’re Expertised, Experienced & Professional.


We envisage delivering the clients with unparalleled support and guidance. World Star Holding has a team of enthusiastic professionals, who strive relentlessly to accomplish this. Our vision is to spread to regions, transcending boundaries, serving elite clientele. Determined to be the ideal support for businesses, we wish to be the first option for every firm searching for comprehensive services.


A sustainable world supported by a productive environment is our dream. All our activities and services are derived with this objective at the focal point. Building a positive world around us has been our mission since its inception. With this thought firmly held at the core, World Star Holding is moving ahead with innovative developments. Continuing to serve this majestic nation, UAE global presence is our ultimate mission.

Our Journey

World Star Success Story begun

2008 Jan 01

Start of a New ERA

World Star Holding was established on this day. A dream was cultivated by like minded people to change landscape of manpower in the UAE : World Star Holding

2009 Mar 04

One of our Major Expansions since Launch

World Star created history with ten leading experts collaborating to commence our first major project in Sharjah.

2009 Aug 25

A milestone

Offering fulfilling employment to all, we completed 100 employees. World Star Holding expanded its wings with a major milestone completed in less than a year’s of its inception.

2012 Jul 26

Expanded the Business

A string of expansions made us one of the top industrial groups in the UAE. We deep dived in the heart of Dubai by expanding to the epicenter of this magnanimous country, Abu Dhabi.

2013 Jan 19

Acquired One of the Oldest Companies in UAE, Alam Al Nejoum

Acquired Alam Al Nejoum company, established in 1974. With the formation of World Star Holding, Alam Al Nejoum Concrete Carpenter Cont company was absorbed under its wing and Alam Al Nejoum’s years of experience and legacy continues to shine through World Star Holding today.

2014 Apr 30

Advanced Towards 10 million Turnover

Garnering acclaim and gaining extensive support, we scaled the first major step of 10 million turnover. A great feat that changed our identity and made us a key player in the business spectrum of the country.

2015 Mar 16

Entered a New Vertical - Contracting

World Star Contracting came into existence. We entered another specialized business sector with this company.

2016 Feb 24

Marmoom Manpower Established in Dubai

Another major expansion. This time, to the most advanced emirates in the country, Dubai. With a new brand name, Marmoom Manpower Supply.

2017 Mar 01

With over 1000 employees, World Star Holding becoming a brand name

A remarkable achievement, we became a 1000 employees company. Furthermore, we could outsource 5000 men and employ them with different entities. A major achievement for World Star Holding.

2018 May 24

Venturing into Digitalisation

Recognizing the changing wind, we embraced digital technology. The initiative for digitization by integrating futuristic solutions commenced.

2019 Mar 17

Pioneer of Manpower Solutions in the UAE

Became a pioneer in the manpower solutions sector, by creating a turnover of 100 million. A dream for many other entities in the field.

2020 Jan 05

Welfare Program Initiated for Employees

Focusing on the health and well-being of the employees, we initiated the welfare program. With an intention to ensure the safety, health and better work-life balance of our 5,000 employees. And the outsourced 10,000 employees.

2021 Feb 12

Business Diversified by Multiplefolds

Business diversification and expansion process successfully undertaken. We extended our presence in both eastern and western Emirates. Opened new verticals World Star Facility Management in Al Ain and Ashbilia Oil Fields Equipment Management Services in Fujairah. Simultaneously diversifying the business sectors and expanding to the other regions of the Middle East. We also attained optimal digitization.

2022 Jan 15

Employee Well Being Initiated

World Star Holding became the first Manpower Company in the UAE to provide Free WiFi, TV on-board workers’ buses to create a worker friendly atmosphere.

2022 Jun 01

Amirah Heavy Equipment Rental Launch

The World Star Holding officially announcing another BIG milestone in its journey- Amirah Heavy Equipment Rental, our new venture in the Abu Dhabi, UAE. We aim to provide an innovative solution to the construction equipment deployment mechanism and make the process quick, transparent and hassle-free. This new venture of World Star Holding will bring benefits to the Companies which have idly lying equipment and companies which are actively looking for equipment. We believe Amirah Heavy Equipment Rental can pay a humble contribution to the construction field of one of the fastest-growing countries in the world.

2022 Jun 03

White-Collar Manpower in the Field of Health Care

We proudly announced that has successfully achieved our new milestone in White-Collar Manpower in the field of Health Care as per the Vision 2022.

2023 Jun 15

World Star Holding Headquarters in Sharjah,UAE

World Star Holding opened its own state-of-the-art headquarters in Sharjah in 2023, a symbol of the company's growth and success. The 3 floored building is located in a prime location in Sharjah. The new headquarters will allow World Star Holding to continue to grow and succeed, and it will provide a welcoming and inspiring space for its employees.


We choose World Star Manpower supply because we simply Ould not find any other provider that offered all required trades needed under one platform, such as productivity, skill knowledge and loyalty.We also like World Star Manpower customer care efficiency solve any problem with immediate effect cables us to create a long term relation with our both organizations doubtfully, we can say manpower means World Star Manpower.

Civilco Civil Engineering & Contracting Company WLL

Sameer Rashid, Managing Director at Civilco Civil Engineering & Contracting Company WLL

M/s World Star Manpower’s supplied workforce are performed highest level of workmanship, attention to detail and quality long with focus on professionalism. The work was performed under tight schedule with visibility , and has always been performed in a safe manner ice fulfilling our demanding schedules.

National Projects and Construction LLC

Engr. Mostafa Abdelbaky mahmoud, Project Manager-Infrastructure at National Projects and Construction LLC

World Star Manpower is always responsive to any kind of manpower request I have, keep me updated the understand your specific manpower requirement for the projects that we are trying to do. I was happy with their productivity and skill knowledge.


Antonio Milazzo, Project Manager at Webuild

We chose World Star Manpower because they have wide range of killed labors and able to offer all required trades. I needed under one platform, such as productivity , skill knowledge loyalty. I also love World Star Manpower customer care efficiency solve any problem with immediate effect enables us o create long term relation with other organizations. un-doubtfully I can say manpower means World Star Manpower.

Fibrex Contracting

Ahmed Shalaby, Manager Purchase at Fibrex Contracting

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